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  2018 RETREATS 

We are delighted to host many wonderful retreats in 2018 at Living Forest – all with inspiring and experienced teachers in their fields. Whether you are interested in healing, yoga, writing, massage or drumming – we have something for you!

Please find below the retreat schedule with information on each retreat, who to contact, how to book and any other details you may need.

We welcome you warm heartedly to join us!


January 19-24th, 2018


Don Hanson, the originator of TCM, comes to Living Forest twice a year to share this remarkable process of cellular healing and purification.TCM is the process of taking the body/mind through deep cellular purification and metamorphosis. This is created through sitting in a transmission of divine light, allowing this energy of universal intelligence to clear out the old cloaks of world mind and awaken the sacred nature of who we truly are.

More information: Transforming Cellular Memory, January 2018


January 28 – February 1, 2018


A Retreat for Women Who Want to Develop a Book for Radical Shifts. Align your passion & your writing. How could the world be different? Ready to organize your thoughts and inspirations into writing? Book coach Amy Brooks has supported and helped numerous people birthing their books. In a group setting you will find encouragement, inspiration and support when going deeper into your project. 

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February 24- March 2, 2018

LIFE INFUSION Costa Rica Retreat + Experience   

With Ginny Walters E-RYT 500 of PaddleOm

Lynne Nagy, PhD of UltraMissions, Inc. and

Samantha Walters of She Collective

Radical Aliveness presented by Núria Camps i Salat, a Costa Rican Radical Aliveness/Core Energetics practitioner.

A week of yoga, fresh local food, once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and a workshop on Radical Aliveness that will change the way you live your life… you’ll come home with a renewed sense of self and a life infused with new energy.  

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March 11-18, 2018


with Patricia Hatfield and Cheryl Ulrich  

Since the beginning of time, drums and rhythm have been used to celebrate, communicate, and express all that it means to be human and open a channel to the divine connection with the rhythms of life on our planet. This drumming workshop is designed for everyone, whether you are new to music and drumming. Together we will enter into relationship with the sounds of the forest, listening deeply to the music of nature as we drum in reverence and discovery. Participants will learn to embody rhythms from around the world and discover the energy and nuances and power available as we bring those rhythms to life.

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April 6-13th, 2018



A comprehensive 42 hour curriculum for Trauma Informed and Trauma Specific Massage Therapy, including training in Traumatic Incident Reduction, an Evidence Based Intervention, this training will enable you to make a real and enduring difference in the lives of your clients!

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April 27-May 2nd, 2018

SISTERS OF THE MOON with Jacklyn Mucaria  

This is the third annual Sisters of the Moon, women’s retreat at Living Forest! Join the sisterhood as we gather together in connection to our sources of power, creation, vulnerability, strength and peace. We will each do the work (and play) that we are called to do, in this wild and free setting where inner and outer landscape meet, while supporting and empowering one another on a soulful level.

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June 2-7th, 2018 

INTIMACY HEALING -SERIES with Michael Brechtel 

This retreat is a conscious exploration of the intimacy of healing. Using massage and breath work we explore the sacred nature and power of healing and vulnerability, inviting us into a deep connection, learning how to welcome and hold space for it, how to prepare and participate not only to create safety and maintain appropriate boundaries, but to enhance the depth and power of the experience. The retreat is equally for therapists & healers and anyone, who is interested in exploring intimacy in their lives.

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